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What Makes Us Different Makes Us Stronger.

As we continue to manage through the impacts of 2020 — the pandemic, an economic crisis, widespread social unrest and a contentious U.S. election — I am grateful for and inspired by how much we have accomplished as a company. While Brownstone Credit has always looked out for the best interests of our stakeholders, we stepped up to last year’s crises in new and impactful ways.

We are committed to our employees, customers, communities and environment because it’s right. It’s right for our company, our people and our world. And our commitment to that belief has never been stronger.

In 2018, we conducted our second materiality analysis, which has informed the latest issue of our Corporate Social Responsibility report through a refreshed set of priority issues. These issues include data privacy and protection, risk management, diversity & inclusion, customer relations, innovation, talent management, responsible lending, community engagement and employee engagement.

To be successful in these key areas, we continue to invest in our employees, customers and communities; remain aware of our impact on the environment; and adhere to strong governance and risk management practices.

Investing in Employees
Employees are our greatest asset and help differentiate us in the marketplace.

Dedicated to Our Communities
Our business model is built around strengthening the communities we serve.

Prioritizing Customers
Our customers inspire us to reach higher.

Focused on Strong Governance
Everyone at BrownstoneCredit is responsible for upholding our core values across all of our business practices.

Committed to the Environment
Environmentally friendly business practices define our operations as a company.

Managing Risk
We're strategic about the risks we take in order to protect our customers and other stakeholders.