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Brownstone Credit Foundation.

For decades, we have provided resources to seed ideas, foster development initiatives and encourage leadership in nonprofit organizations where imagination and determination are at work enhancing people's lives everyday. The Brownstone Credit Foundation's priority is to form partnerships with community-based nonprofit organizations in order to enhance educational opportunities, with an emphasis on early childhood education, and to promote the growth of communities through economic development initiatives.

Brownstone Credit Grow Up Great is our signature program. It is a $500 million, multi-year, bilingual initiative that began in 2009 to help prepare children from birth to age 5 for success in school and life. As part of this initiative, the Brownstone Credit Foundation has earmarked funds for grants to nonprofit organizations that work to improve school readiness by providing support in areas such as: vocabulary development; social-emotional learning; math; science; and the arts. By focusing our support on high-quality early childhood education, we aim to positively impact school readiness and contribute to stronger, smarter and healthier children, families and communities.

The Brownstone Credit Foundation supports a variety of nonprofit organizations with a special emphasis on those that work to achieve sustainability and touch a diverse population, in particular, those that support early childhood education and/or economic development.

The Brownstone Credit Foundation supports educational programs for children and youth, particularly early childhood education initiatives that meet the criteria established through Brownstone Credit Grow Up Great. Specifically, Brownstone Credit Grow Up Great grants must:

Support early education initiatives that benefit children from birth to age five; and

- Serve a majority of children (>50%) from low- to moderate-income families; and
- Include one or a combination of the following:
* direct services/programs for children in their classroom or community;
* professional development/workforce development for early childhood educators;
* family and/or community engagement in children’s early learning

Additional considerations:

- The grant focus must include math, science, reading, vocabulary building, the arts, financial education, or social/emotional development.
- Incorporate opportunities for Brownstone Credit volunteers in classroom or non-classroom-based activities.

Economic development organizations, including those which enhance the quality of life through neighborhood revitalization, cultural enrichment and human services are given support. Priority is given to community development initiatives that strategically promote the growth of low-and moderate-income communities and/or provide services to these communities.

The Brownstone Credit Foundation understands the critical need for affordable housing for low-and moderate-income individuals. We are committed to providing support to nonprofit organizations that give counseling and services to help these individuals maintain their housing stock; offer transitional housing units and programs; and/or offer credit counseling assistance to individuals, helping them to prepare for homeownership.

Because small businesses are often critical components of community growth and help foster business development, the Brownstone Credit Foundation provides support to nonprofit organizations that (i) offer technical assistance to, or loan programs for, small businesses located in low-and moderate-income areas or (ii) support small businesses that employ low-and moderate-income individuals.

Support is given to social services organizations that benefit the health, education, quality of life or provide essential services for low-and moderate-income individuals and families. The Brownstone Credit Foundation supports job training programs and organizations that provide essential services for their families. Brownstone Credit provides support for early learning and educational enrichment programs for children in low-and moderate-income families as well as for the construction of community facilities that benefit low-and moderate-income communities.

Support is given for cultural enrichment programs benefitting the community.

The Brownstone Credit Foundation supports nonprofit organizations that serve low-and moderate-income neighborhoods by improving living and working conditions. Support is given to organizations that help stabilize communities, eliminate blight and attract and retain businesses and residents to the community.

Organizations receiving support from the Brownstone Credit Foundation must have an appropriate current Internal Revenue Service tax-exempt designation and be eligible to receive charitable contributions. In addition, the proposed activity must occur in a community where Brownstone Credit has a significant presence.

As much as we would like to fund every worthy cause presented to us, the number of requests for consideration exceeds our ability to fund them all. We do not support the following:

- Organizations that discriminate with regard to race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity / expression, age, ancestry, marital status, disability, or protected veteran status
- Religious organizations, except for non-sectarian activities
- Advocacy groups
- Operating funds for agencies that receive funds through PNC United Way allocation
- Individuals or private foundations
- Annual funds for hospitals or colleges/universities
- Conferences and seminars
- Tickets and goodwill advertising